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- Robert Poinsett / Washington Reviews

"A word of praise for Reboot Computers: excellent service; competent /personable staff; reasonable pricing for parts and labor.


Considering a purchase, update and/or repair? Look no further. You've found your
solutions with Reboot . . . THE BEST."

"Very Helpful"
- Delores Klenke / Union Reviews

"Very helpful and they did a good job moving data from my old computer to my new one."

- Jennie Harrington / St. Clair Reviews

"Awesome little hometown store. Customer service is excellent, prices just can't be beat!"

"Highly Reccomend"
- Reso Lut / Sullivan Reviews

"When both EBay and Walmart failed me, this store was my saving grace. Went in looking for a charger for an adaptor eBay failed to send and the man was very kind, tested the cord and then gave it to me with a smile.


Will definitely go here if I need repairs or cords. Highly recommend"


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