Turn Table

Reboot radio

Counter virus

& hack attacks

Get to know ReBoot Computers! Also get some insider tech advice on how to avoid spam and counter virus attacks.

windows 10

do you need it?

Do you have to upgrade? Find out what Windows 10 is all about and if you really need to upgrade.

THe End of

Windows 7

Windows 7 is no longer supported. Find out all you need to know about the end of Windows 7 and how to upgrade.

Windows Updates

Don't slap the pc

What do updates do anyway? Find out why you need updates (before you smack your computer).

Response to

the pandemic

ReBoot is helping people work and learn from home! We've got relief PCs designed for home use.

Keeping open

during this time

ReBoot is still open. Get the inside look on being a small business during the global pandemic.