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Computer Circuit Board

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Our Specialites

Our team specializes in a variety of computer repair and servicing techniques. We'll service the hardware, software, and operating systems as well as perform data recovery and more!


Computer Programming

Virus Removal

Virus and malware removal plus antivirus protection


In-depth diagnostics determining computer health and solutions

Hardware repairs

Replacement of bad hardware parts and pieces

Computer Store

Data recovery

Recover files including photos and documents from hard drives

Typing on a Computer

Software repairs

Repairing software related issues the computer may have

New & used computers

Find a computer to suite your needs as well as your budget


Diagnostics fee; waived if service is performed.

Half hour for hardware upgrades, parts replacement, etc. Software Installations.

New computer setup. Free Antivirus install and removal of bloatware.

OS reinstall with the transfer of data to the new or same computer.

Does not include the reinstallation of any customer software.

Data transfer. (Data transfer is free with the purchase of a computer).







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